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Written by Andres Nuno   
Wednesday, 16 November 2016 22:15

Check out our November/December issue featuring our annual Gear and Wetsuit Guide!



FIRST GEAR By Glenn Dubock
A look at the indispensable pieces of gear that round-out the surf kits of some particular wave-sliders in the 805. Everything from a bucket (simple as it may seem, an essential addition to changing in the dirty lot at Rincon) to a wrist watch for counting-down those precious minuets left in a heat, and a Sprinter van for those with money to invest.

EARLY ON NOW By Chuck Graham
Our man Graham writes a profile on surfer/artists (probably in that order) Jeremy Harper. While his paintings capture the unique quality of light on the south facing shores of Santa Barbara, Harper captures the energy of the waves he rides on his various CI sleds. When the waves are cranking it's hard to see how he keeps up with his art career, because Harper is always on it—yet he is clearly keeping up with an ever-growing body of work and client list.

Chris Keet has vision and a laser focus. With more than 20-years behind his thriving Surf Happens school and foundation, Keet turns obstacles into opportunities. Piecing together the elements to make a trip to Peru a reality for the winners of one of his early contest seasons, Keet and his group felt the full power of undiluted Southern Hemisphere waves in the chilly waters off Peru's rocky shores.

BODYING UP By Chuck Graham
Jim Issac gave up surfing with a board in the mid-1980s. Crowds were one factor, but more importantly, Issac found a level of intimacy with the wave that he couldn't get on a board. The pivotal moment in his transition from stand-up surfer to bodysurfer came when he watched the Ford family of Ojai frolicking in wedging A-frames like a pod of seals. “They were getting some beautiful barrels," Issac recalls, "I wanted some of that, so I got my fins and swam out."